Booking Engine

ATS platform functions efficiently and cost effectively.
It allows all vendor products to come together seamlessly.

Initially focused on air transactions then expanded to focus on other categories that includes offering hotels, cruise lines and land packages all around the globe.
Our Booking Engine is Mobile Friendly and includes but not limited to the following features:

  • Private and Published commissionable fares
  • Discounts on 50+ Major Airlines
  • Customizable to your Brand
  • White Label B2B2C
  • Branded itineraries
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Hotel Engine with net rates
  • Unique itineraries
  • Multiple GDS capabilities
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Automated ticketing
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Easy product loading and management
  • Dynamic packaging
  • Advanced markup
ATS Fares

ATS is a leading air fare consolidator, deliver the best fares, products, service, and opportunities to travel suppliers, partners, and vendors looking to improve their services and expand their business Working with more than 50+ carriers and being in business since 84' makes us truly your global partner.

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